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Would your business survive if were suddenly hit by fire, flood, workplace violence, or other man-made disaster?

Have you assessed your risks and taken steps to reduce the greatest vulnerabilities?

Do you know the financial impact of temporary business interruption?

Have you developed strategies to deal with major contingencies?

Are your people trained in handling emergencies, and have they practiced their skills during realistic drills?

Have you realistically tested your contingency management and disaster recovery plans?

Did you know that:

  • 43% of businesses that close their doors during a natural or man-made disaster never reopen. Of those that do reopen, many will be bankrupt within 2 years.
  • Organizations usually cannot identify all their critical processes... those activities which have the potential of crippling the enterprise.
  • Most businesses are openly vulnerable to disruptions which could be avoided or reduced through adequate planning.
  • Insurance does not cover two of your most vulnerable business assets.
  • Preparedness efforts often result in improved business efficiency, better management and increased productivity.
Floods, fires and other disasters impact a million businesses every decade. Many unprepared companies lose all vital records, client and customer files, contracts, other legal documents, billing records, management data and critical financial information. CPTI can help you reduce those risks and stay in business.
Most businesses are not adequately prepared to deal with serious emergencies, particularly those involving loss of key facilities, people or vital records. Despite storm damage that shut down this corporate headquarters building, company operations remained profitable even on the day of the disaster. CPTI can quickly help you become better prepared.


1.   Perform Vulnerability Assessment to see what perils put you at risk.   4.   Undertake comprehensive Emergency Planning throughout the organization.
2.   Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to identify your most critical processes and activities.   5.   Train incident management teams and executive response with clearly defined duties.
3.   Initiate effective Risk Management including Risk Reduction and Mitigation Strategies.   6.   Conduct Drills and Exercises to be sure your organization can handle emergencies.

CPTI is Ready To Help

We are experts in risk management including vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructures, business impact analysis, business continuity planning, emergency management training and writing and conducting exercises.
Our clients include federal, tribal, state and local governments, major corporations and independent businesses.
We specialize in on-site, customized assistance designed to save you time and money.
CPTI can help with every aspect of business preparedness programs.
A small investment in preparedness can mean the difference between survival and failure.
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